Request Letter Samples

We present some successful samples of request letters or petition letters.

There are innumerable circumstances in which you may need to write a request letter.

Therefore, the best way to learn is by looking at some examples of how other people have written letters of request/petition.

Request letter – Sample 1

Mr (head of the service)

(Service Name)
(Service Address)


Of our consideration:

Our organization, (name of your organization) promotes (indicate here aims and characteristics of the organization).

Together with greeting you cordially, we address you to request information on (indicate here precisely the required information)

Although this information corresponds to the functions and attributions of its own body (ideally indicate the decree or resolution that mandates the agency to prepare and/or maintain this type of records), these are currently not available to the public, either in a documentation center, customer service office or website.

This petition is made under Law No. 19.653 (*) Published in the Official Gazette on December 14, 1999, which amended Law No. 18.575, Constitutional Organic of General Bases of State Administration.

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It should be noted that, as stipulated in Article 11 bis, the superior head of the requested body must rule on the petition, whether delivering the requested documentation or refusing it, within the legal term of 48 hours from the formulation of the request.

With nothing more to add and thanking for your good reception and prompt response.

(Representative’s Name)

(Organization’s Name)


Request letter – Sample 2


Visa Department
Embassy of ….
Postal Code


Dear Misters.

I am writing to you to request a student visa with which to be able to carry out my studies of WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO STUDY, called OFFICIAL COURSE NAME.

This course is funded by me OR THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY IF IT IS PAID BY HER. The duration of the course is THE ONE THAT IS GOING TO LAST and will be taught by the university/center of… NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY, which is located in the city of… .., in the state of …… (if it is the United States)

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Attached I send the documentation that you request to grant this visa (here attached what you are asked, for example, health certificate, a letter from your company, etc.

Waiting for my request to be answered in a positive way, I greet you

Your name.


Request letter – Sample 3


Att: John Chow
Director of Human Resources


Subject: Labor Day Reduction **

Dear Mr. Perez:

Through this, I wish to request a reduction in working hours for personal / family reasons.

After discussing this issue with my superior and with the objective that our department is affected as little as possible, we have concluded that the working day that best suits the needs of both parties is the one that takes place during business hours. XX in the morning to YY in the morning/afternoon.

The requested duration of this reduction is XX months and I wish it would be effective from the XX of YY of ZZ, so, in order to avoid possible inconvenience, I inform you in advance.

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I remain at your disposal for any additional information you need and for any form you need to fill out.


Signed: D. Sender

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